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Hi there, I’m Aggie

Business & Career Coach

Ready to get the life and business you want? Jump in, let’s do this!

Business coaching

Business coaching helps you take a step back to reset your goals, set an actionable plan to help you reach your goals through increasing your focus, productivity, and revenue.

Career coaching

Career coaching helps you to build a career that works for you. I work with professionals who want to build careers that fulfil their dreams and lifestyle.

Helping you achieve success

Unlock the full potential in your business

You have massive goals for your business, but if you are like most entrepreneurs, you built your business to follow your passion and do what you love. And now you find yourself wearing other hats leaving you feeling overwhelmed!


Do you feel like something is missing in your career?


Do you have passion but never had a chance to create a life around it?


Jumping between jobs without finding an answer to your biggest Why?


How can I discover a meaningful work that inspires me?

My mission is to empower you to dream big, and work with you to build a roadmap to achieve it.

What could hold you back?

Most business owners did not have a business education. Or they weren’t taught how to lead and manage a team. I work with you to fill in knowledge gaps, leveraging my skills and experience to address challenges, and improve areas which in turn improves your revenue.

"My passion can't put food on the table"

Don’t be discouraged! I believe every passion and talent can be turned into a successful business. You just need to persist in pursuing it, and educate yourself in the right direction.

"I don't even know what my passion or talent is"

Take a moment and think. Is there anything you love doing? Does anything bring a smile on your face when you think about it? Maybe you don’t even realise it. Start watching yourself and see whether some activities bring you satisfaction.

"I'm not good enough"

Stop for a moment! There is no such thing as not good enough. It’s an impostor syndrom. If you feel that you don’t have enough skills, start with what you know, and learn as you go.

"There are too many people doing what I want to do already"

I believe there is room for everyone. Every person is unique and has their own talents and personalities. What you can do, someone else may not be able to do. You just need to find your niche.

"I am too old"

As they say, age is only a number. If you can help another person, or a group of people, who cares how old you are? If you can make someone happy, who would pay attention to your age?

About me

Hi, and thank you for coming to my website. I’m Aggie Niyonsenga. I’m a business owner, educator, investor, and hype-woman, who brings laughter and bubbles to every party.

At home you will find me watching house shows, or at my kitchen table sipping coffee, whilst on a self-development training.


“Aggie has a very engaging and empathetic coaching style, and gives you the tools to find solutions and make real changes. She always brings a fresh perspective on a situation. Aggie has given me a new confidence to listen to my gut and make decision.”

“Aggie has been a God-sent to work with. She uses her calming nature to help me take a step back, look at the business objectiverly. She has been a great sounding board, giving me the confidence to make a decision that would previously have been too overwhelming.”

“I was overwhelmed and felt unable to take control of my career. Aggie gave me tools to find out what was missing, and what gave me purpose and happiness. I’ve gone through a career change and transition into teaching. The tools Aggie gave enabled me to achieve this without much stress.”

Set your goals.

Take a challenge.

Reward Yourself.

Business coaching can help you develop business and leadership skills, enabling you to lead with clarity and confidence.

Business coaching can help you develop a business plan and tactical 90-day sprints that address challenges across different areas in business.

Business coaching can help you improve operations through creating systems and process automation.

Don’t wait any longer. Start building your business today!

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