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Coaching with Aggie

Your business, your career, your future

Start shaping your new life today, you deserve a better one.

Professional growth program

— Get clarity on what areas need to be developed

— Look at confidence, impostor syndrome, well-being & money mindset 

— Enable you to be the best you can be, and be full of energy.

Business builder program

— Build strong foundation of the business, such as leadership, company culture, sales & marketing 

— Review these areas and identify the areas of focus

— Support to create and execute your action plan.

Helping you find success with personalized coaching

Do you strive to make a change in your life?

What purpose do you have in your life? Living with a purpose saves you from depression, work burnout, fear, heart attack, and many other problems. It gives you satisfaction, meaning, and inspiration. It means lower chances of giving up when things don’t go as expected. Do you want to learn how to find your purpose?

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How can I solve your problem?

Book a discovery call

Figuring out where and how to start can be overwhelming. Setting up your company, finding your target customers, deciding what to charge and how to market yourself seems like a huge task. It can stop you from moving forward. My strategy calls are designed to give you expert advice & clarity on where to start.

Price from £50

Strategy sessions

Sometimes in business we come across a block that we have no frame of reference for or experience to handle. I’m available to support you to in building a plan towards a desired outcome. My one off 2-hour sessions are designed to give you expert advice, to get desired outcome for a single challenge you’re working on.

Price from £200

Coaching program

I offer various coaching programs designed to support you to get clarity on your goals and support you to start building the career/business of your dreams. I look at each key pillar of your business and support you to build a plan of action through the transformational journey.

Price from £500

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Are you ready to clarify what path to take? Are you seriously committed to entering a new chapter of your life? Schedule a FREE consultation call. Then we could explore whether we are a match. Fill in the form below and let’s find out!

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My approach


Your mindset is a powerful tool in determining whether you will succeed, and push to the next level. I will compare your current mindset against the mindset needed to achieve your goals. I then build a plan and support you in actioning on it.


Your team is your greatest asset. I will work with you to ensure that you have the right people and reward system to keep the team feeling empowered, challenged, and appreciated.


When it comes to scaling your business, a systemised process is essential. It sets standards on how to do things, as well as track and measure process and performance. I will review your current process and use to help you to improve it.

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