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Who I am

I’m Aggie, a UK based Career and Business coach who helps professionals leverage their skills, to build their careers and businesses of their dreams.

I have 10+ industry experience in various roles from demand generation, sales, people management and starting a business.

In my last 5 years in corporate, I was responsible for delivering >£25m revenue annually across 5 partner businesses. This was achieved through creating strategy, to deliver commercial excellence, growth, and customer success.

I’m passionate about using tools that I’ve picked up over the years to help others find their passion and purpose, and achieve their goals.


My story

Thanks for stopping by – it’s lovely to meet you!

I have experience in building and delivering sales strategies, managing high performing as well as developing long term customer partnerships and managing P&Ls.

I started my career in technology marketing creating high quality opportunities and sustainable pipelines for FTSE 100 tech companies.

I then switched lanes into sales and spent the next 5 years climbing the corporate ladder. I had a pleasure of working with large corporate companies and public sector organisations.

I contributed to building and executing technology strategies that generate revenue, through increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

I have a Business & Psychology degree, and I’m very keen on self-education. You will find me listening to podcasts, reading a blog, learning new skills, or going out for a walk with my loved ones.

My vision & beliefs

My mission is to use my skills and experience to help others build their businesses or careers of their dreams, through delivering various coaching programs that support them.

The path to making your dreams a reality can be a lonely journey. But it doesn’t need to be. I can partner with you to give the tools and cheer you up while you are in!

I firmly believe that success in business require systems, methodologies and tools, that enable you to track, measure, and improve process. I believe that success in business come from several key elements if done well:

— A clear and simple vision accompanied by goals that are measurable.

— Having the right people in the right seats that are empowered and rewarded to do their jobs.

— Having the required systems and processes in place enable every team member to be accountable in delivering their role.


Career planning

One to one coaching to help you identify where you want to go and the steps, skills & experience you will need to prepare you to get there.


Get hired

One to one or group coaching to build your CV, cover letter and social media profile to attract the right employers.


Career development

One to one or group coaching to help you navigate your work environment and build your brand and profile within your organisation to open up opportunities to your development goals.


Business systems & processes

Tools to enable you to set up a repeatable process from day one and use automation to enable scaling.


Marketing strategy

One to one or group coaching to gain clarity on your target customer and tools to support you to target your ideal customer and keep them engaged.


Sales strategy

One to one or group coaching to create a ‘go-to’ strategy to target customer and create an end-to-end customer journey for engagement along every sales stage.

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